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beauty for brides

Monday, March 12, 2012 | Interesting People of DC

Lara Ramos writes the fantastic blog, The Glossarie and she just so happened to be a bride of mine from a few years ago. (Check out her feature on Washingtonian Bride and Groom and see her Super 8mm film we shot.) She's my go-to for hearing about new products, such a dry shampoo. Who knew? Anyway, I created some fun new headshots for her and had to share. I asked her if could impart her knowledge for all the brides out there and she put together the following fantastic beauty and health tips...

Lara's Beauty Tips for Brides

Tip #1: Leading up to the big day, make sure you are drinking plenty of water and getting lots of Vitamin C from citrus fruits. There's no better recipe for healthy skin!

Tip #2: You don't want to shower or wash your hair on the day of your wedding, so for extra glow, make sure to exfoliate really well two days before. I scheduled a dry brushing treatment and absolutely loved it, but you can absolutely DIY with shower mitts or a nice scrub.

Tip #3: If you can, get a professional blowout the day before your wedding. Your hair will look gorgeous for your rehearsal dinner or whatever pre-wedding festivities you have planned, and the product used to smooth it out will give it some nice "grit" which will help to style and hold your big day 'do.

Tip #4: Whether you're hiring an artist or making up your own face, your wedding day beauty arsenal should include a great waterproof mascara. It's the only thing that will hold a nice curl and hold up against that dance with dad.

Tip #5: I love a sweetly nude manicure on a bride. It will make your fingers look extra long and slender, also showing off that big day bling. Get wild and crazy with your toes, though. Mine were hot pink with chunky gold sparkles!

Tip #6: Maybe most importantly, for your lips, layer a soft, pretty lip gloss over a deeper lip stain. Lip color is going to be the first thing to fade throughout the day, so keep the gloss in your clutch. The beauty of the stain will prevent your lips from fading out completely and this duo will make sure your lips look great in all your photos - even if you can't make it to a mirror for a touch up!

Thank you Lara, great tips!! Be sure to check out The Glossarie for more beauty information from Lara.

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